“Vanessa Kogevinas is a dream! She is an organized and efficient leader who knows how to direct and manage large-scale projects; all with her signature “can do” approach. Vanessa excels in managing people and processes, is well-versed in untangling complicated circumstances and knows how to keep the trains running on course. Beyond all that, she also has a charming personality, and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.”

Pamela Lerner Jaccarino
Vice President, Editor-in-Chief

As usual, always an amazing job. Everyone’s hair is on fire and you are a sea of calm. That’s why everyone likes working with you. Always admire that about you. Congrats! Great event!

Jeff Chojnacki
Director of Stores, Snyder Diamond

“As a contributing editor for California Homes for the last eight years, Vanessa Kogevinas has never missed a deadline. She is an excellent writer, extremely ethical and a proven professional.  She is always ready to step up to the plate to help solve problems and is a valuable team player.  I value our working relationship, and friendship that has grown over the years.”

Susan McFadden

“Vanessa is a pro – dependable, detailed, thoughtful, creative and strategic. She is a problem solver who gets the job done and makes everyone love her along the way. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.”

Jonathon Aubry
The Hollywood Reporter

“Working with Vanessa was a seamless experience from start to finish. She understands all the meticulous details involved in setting up a successful event, and is relentless about ensuring that all of the details are discussed, remembered and put into action. Because of her background as an editor and writer in the design world, she genuinely understands design world aesthetics and style, and how particular and discerning designers are by nature. Her coordination of Snyder Diamond’s important 65th anniversary party, our largest fete to date, was a stunning and memorable experience. I highly recommend her.”

Christine Anderson
President, Communication Arts + Design, Inc.